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How to use?
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How to use it?


Pour the Powdercandle


Insert the wick


Light the candle

Pour the Powdercandle into a non-flammable container of a diameter of at least 8cm.

Insert the wick into the powder and leave about 1cm sticking out.

Enjoy hours of clean-burning light and top if up as needed!

The best candle ever - created by you!

Powdercandle allows you to get creative and turn any container into a beautiful, clean-burning candle!

It's made of natural ingredients, burns without any soot residue and lasts for much longer than regular candles.

Even better: it will always look fresh because you can just top it up when needed!


Get inspired

Make it your way!

The only limit is your imagination!


A new candle in just 10 seconds!

Re-lighting and refreshing the candle.

If you want to relight the candle, first check the length of the remaining wick by simply lifting the set wax out of the powder. 

If there is enough wick left, you can simply re-insert the set wax and light the candle. The set wax will look like a crown on the sparkling powder, adding a beautiful touch.

If there is no more wick left or you wish to refresh the candle's appearance, throw the set wax out, fill the container with Powder Candle, insert a new wick and light it up!

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